Dhamma Dīpa

In Pali Dhamma Dīpa means Island of Dhamma


The Vipassana meditation centre in Herefordshire is known as Dhamma Dīpa, meaning Island of Dhamma.

The site, purchased in 1991, was originally a riding school but over several decades of hard work by servers and local tradespeople it has evolved into a fully functioning meditation centre.

Herefordshire is a beautiful county of rolling hills, rivers, valleys and apple orchards that borders South Wales. The centre is located in the leafy Wye Valley between Hereford and Ross-on-Wye. The quiet rural location offers an ideal environment for serious meditation.

The centre can accommodate about 130 students and courses are held all year round.
Each year over 2,500 people from all walks of life come here to meditate and learn this technique.


The centre has a specially designed meditation hall in which students can sit and meditate together.
The maximum capacity is 128 students.




Students established in the practice may be offered a cell to sit in to deepen their meditation.
The cells reduce the possibility of distraction.




Students and servers sleep in simple but comfortable dormitory accommodation in male and female blocks.
Several rooms provide disabled access.




Delicious and nutritious vegetarian food is prepared in a large, modern kitchen by volunteers.
Produce is locally sourced and herbs grown on site.




The maintenance of the centre is managed by servers from a central workshop and tool store.
Maintenance work is timed to avoid disturbance.




Over the years the grounds and gardens have flourished under the green fingers of many servers.
We hope your meditation will take root and flourish.




“May Dhamma continue to grow on this carefully tended, fertile land.”


Sightseeing flight around the double centre Dipa/Padhana during the annual assistant teachers’ meeting, May 2019.