Vipassana Trust

An educational charity
run solely by volunteer meditators

Vipassana Trust is a charity (no. 327798) and a company limited by guarantee (no. 2246810) registered in England and Wales.


The work of the Trust

The ongoing running of Dhamma Dīpa is the responsibility of Vipassana Trust. The trustees are appointed from old students on a yearly basis and meet seven times a year at Dhamma Dīpa. The actual work at the centre is overseen by a number of committees, which report to the Trust. Each committee covers a specific area such as site maintenance, kitchen, building, communication, finance, registration and course organisation, gardening and household.


The objects of the Trust

The objects of the charity are:

To advance education through promotion of the teachings of the principles established by the late Sayagyi U Ba Khin, the study and practice of meditation and of the techniques, of developing concentration, insight and higher standards of morality as originally taught by the Buddha through the public dissemination generally of the said teachings and in such other ways as the Board members shall see fit, provided that any services be provided free of charge.