The Site

Dhamma Sukhakāri is set in 20 acres of land in the Suffolk countryside.

Dhamma Sukhakāri was purchased in January 2018, the UK's second 10-day centre. It is set in 20 acres of land on the edge of Haughley Green in the Suffolk countryside, a few miles from Stowmarket station.

The property has been known as Walnut Tree Manor. It's an old farmhouse incorporating architectural styles from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries. It has seen some major modifications and additions over time, reflecting the changing needs of the individuals, families and businesses that have resided here over the last 400 years.

In the 1900s, Captain Oates, the Antarctic explorer of the Terra Nova Expedition, lived at Walnut Tree Manor. In the twentieth century, the site hosted the founding of the Soil Association in 1946, which undertook pioneering work into organic farming and nutrition and remained headquartered here until 1985, when it was taken over first by a school and then by a children's activity centre.

The current site comprises: the Manor House (a listed building, 17th–19th century) and the connected Coach House (20th century), a large accommodation block, a kitchen, dining rooms, a meditation hall (former sports hall) and various outbuildings (old classrooms) including office and storage space. The buildings are surrounded by fields and woodlands.

The new centre offers 10-day courses for new and old students as well as 3-day courses for old students.