Executive Courses

For those able to lead by example

A European Vipassana Course for Executives is scheduled every year in June at Dhamma Padhāna, UK. These ten-day residential meditation courses for executives are not limited to high-ranking business people. They are open to all leaders or managers in business, administration and the professions. 

Those who complete the course and experience the benefits may be inspired to use their professional influence to encourage or assist others to learn Vipassana. This is why Mr Goenka has favoured such courses, and the results have been positive.

Vipassana courses for executives have been successfully held in India, the USA, Australia and Europe. If you know anyone who may be eligible, you can direct them to: www.padhana.dhamma.org or www.executive.dhamma.org.

More information, course dates and an online application for executives can be found on these websites.

VOICE (Vipassana Outreach/Inreach Committee Europe) is responsible for publicity for this course. For more information please contact [email protected]