Anapana News is a newsletter for children who have completed a course in Anapana meditation. It is published every so often. Here are some links to previous issues:


You will find the answers to the ENCODED ANAPANA activity on page 8 of Anapana News issue 8 (2019) here.


You can listen to a 10-minute recording of S.N. Goenka’s Anapana meditation instructions.

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Films about Anapana meditation

Here’s a story about a girl who is trying hard to concentrate on her breath.

An international film made in the early days of organizing children’s courses.


An introduction to Anapana courses at the centre in Hereford, UK.

Description of a three day Anapana meditation course, at the Dhamma Mahi Vipassana centre in Bourgogne (France).


Schoolchildren’s experiences with Anapana meditation and the benefits both at home and in school.


Anapana meditation for children and young people in socially deprived areas of Newark, New Jersey, USA.